Q Do I pay entrance fee?
A No. It’s free to enter ASAMA HIGHLAND PARK.
Q Do you have a free shuttle bus to ASAMA HIGHLAND PARK?
A We’re afraid no. Please take the Kusatsu-Kotsu Bus at the Karuizawa Station. It takes about 33 minutes to get ASAMA HIGHLAND PARK Bus stop. The bus fare is 1,010 yen (tax included).
Q Do I pay parking fee?
A No, it’s free.
Q Can I take our pets in ASAMA HIGHLAND PARK?
A You can bring your dogs with lead to the outside facilities, but not to the indoor facilities like restaurants, management center, hotel, or bowling alleys. Also you can bring them to some parts of the outdoor tables at the restaurants. We don’t have any dog parks.
Q Can I use credit cards?
A Visa credit card and Suica card(e-money) can be used.Some facilites are only cash.
Q Can I play in rainy days?
A You can play in the indoor facilities in rainy days. Also, the putting golf course is available in light rainy days. Other outdoor facilities are not available.
Q Are there any hotels in the park?
A There is Kita-Karuizawa Highland Resort Hotel.
Q Are there any group discounts for using facilities like putting golf course?
A Over 15people group fee is discounted. ( For bowling alley, over 8 people group.) Please make reservations by e-mail by the previous day. We can not offer discounted fee without reservations.
Phone Number 0279 84 3333
Q Are there any party rooms for groups?
A We have a party room in the bowling alley.
Q Can I use the park as a photographing or shooting place?
A We’re glad to. Please contact us for details. We offer various locations, for example, hotel rooms, condominiums, a swimming pool, tennis courts, restaurants, outside cafeterias, or natural views in the forest.